Cadence Duck Calls "The Closer"
Just a sample of The Closer's meat/live COMPETITION RESULTS in recent years:
1st 2014 World Champion Team Real Duck- Used by J. Chiasson
1st 2013 World Champion Team Mallard- Used by J. Chiasson
1st 2013 Sportsman's Challenge Two Man- Cahoon and Carlson
1st 2012, 2011, and 2010 World Champion Team Real Duck- Used by J. Chiasson- Three in a row!
1st 2011 Best of the West Live Duck-  B. Cahoon
1st 2011 Texas Challenge Mallard Meat- C. Johnson
1st 2010 and 2009 Stateline Challenge Mallard Meat- C. Smith
1st 2009 Houston Challenge Mallard Meat- C. Smith
Built for an aggressive calling style!
A strong, raspy meat call that can hold
their attention until you put them in the
decoys!  The Closer delivers a distinct
duck sound, and startling realism.
This call will put ducks on the strap!

Single Reed
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The Cadence "Special"
The Special was built to be a sweet hunting/
live duck call! Very responsive handling, this
call will step up to a ringing top end.

Single Reed
ACRYLIC $129.95
Small bore
Dead-on quack. Super low end.
The TIMBER put so many ducks in the
decoys for field testers, that they
wanted me to keep it a secret.  That's
not marketing.  
That's the truth!

Single Reed
ACRYLIC $129.95

"Suzy" may not be the fanciest, or flashiest, but
she's attractive, hard-working and reliable!  
Suzy keeps it REAL.

More DUCK for your buck than almost any other
duck call on the market.
Mid-volume, moderate rasp.  
Single Reed

Black Delrin  $65

Volume. Power. Duck!
That statement sums up the CDC perfectly.
The CDC is the loudest Cadence duck call.  
Perfect for the competiton stage or wide open
hunting areas.  Screaming loud top end, powerful
full tone, and massive dead on bottom-end duck.

Single Reed
2015 Best of the West Regional
2013 Russian Championship
2013 S.W. Challenge
2011 Snake River Open
Currently out of delrin.
Email for availability.
Bois d'arc  $85
(when available)
Bois d'arc  $85
(when available)
Bois d'arc  $85
(when available)
The Cadence Timber is available with an opened
"modified bore" by request for extra volume.
Please call for this option.